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The Fantods of Risk
by H. Felix Kloman

The Fantods of Risk is a collection of essays from the pages of Risk Management Reports, which the author edited, wrote and published from 1974 through 2007, plus several other published articles. The subject is risk management, a discipline for dealing with uncertainty in our personal and organizational lives. They continue the author’s contrary and challenging approach to managing risk, first started in Risk Management Reports and later in Mumpsimus Revisited, published in 2005.

Paperback copies are available from Seawrack Press, Inc at US$20. Click here for details. The Fantods of Risk is also available from Xlibris and Amazon.

Reviews for The Fantods of Risk:

A gentle and literate peroration around the general theme of risk and how to control it. . . . There's plenty of stimulus for thought here. Nor does Kloman avoid potentially controversial subjects. His words on the insurance industry . . . may provoke apoplexy in certain readers.
Andrew Leslie, Strategic Risk, London, June 2008

Fantods is fantastic!
Anne Bader, Senior Fellow, Advanced Research & Assessment Group, Defense Academy of the UK, Washington, DC (in email to author, March 2008)

It should be read by everyone in the discipline. Great book.
Ronald Berg, UNIRISK, Stockholm, Sweden (in email to author, March 2008)

Your book has lifted the scales from my eyes to a large degree.
George Carey, Retired Professor, University of Massachusetts - Amherst (in letter to author, April 2008)

His essays are always illuminating . . . They are full of wonderful insights, irritations, the odd haiku, a dash of Monty Python and serious analysis.
David Gamble, AIRMIC News, London, April-May 2008

The Fantods of Risk is a worthwhile and enjoyable read for anyone who is curious to know more about risk management.
Richard Page, Risk Assessment Monthly, Canada, May 2008

Kloman points out flaws in the collective behaviors and methods of risk managers. . . . This is a timely and useful reminder during a period when an A-rated investment bank can just about blow up in a single day.
Christophe Razaire, GARP Risk Review, March/April 2008

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