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Dead Reckoning
A Personal History
by H. Felix Kloman

Dead Reckoning: A Personal History is the autobiography of Henry Felix Kloman, from his birth in 1933 through 2010. It begins in New York City, moving through his youth in Philadelphia, his education in New Hampshire and at Princeton University and to his two-year service with the U. S. Navy in the Pacific. He returns to Philadelphia for marriage, a first job and an introduction to consulting. In continues with a shift to New York and Connecticut, and his later creation of a management consulting firm, his editorship of Risk Management Reports, and his growing interest in the discipline of risk management. Twenty years of global travel, consulting and writing follow, concluding with the four books he and his wife wrote and their subsequent retirement to Lyme, Connecticut.

Hard cover and paperback copies are available from Xlibris and Amazon. Paperback copies are also available from Seawrack Press, Inc. Check here for details.


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